Tiny Home Celebrates Its Retail Past

Kevin Munsterman takes pride in living in a home that used to be Herman’s shoe repair shop. The “Herman’s” sign still faces the street. He had to add “formerly” to the sign because people were bringing him their shoes.


He moved into the 620 square foot building early this year and named his home “Herman’s Park.” He grew up in a park atmosphere on lakefront property in Missouri, he noted, and his home has numerous park references.


A pizza delivery man, Munsterman has the soul of an outsider artist. He wants his home to be a roadside attraction, and he is already getting a lot of bicycle and pedestrian traffic, he said.

Herman’s Park is a work in progress. He is constantly tweaking and repainting the interior and exterior. He uses “oops” paint he buys at hardware stores at a discount. Oops paint allows him to recycle, he said, and “I get to use colors I wouldn’t have thought of.”



His little house has big curved deco front windows, for which he plans to create seasonally rotating department store-like window displays.

He rarely spends more than $10 on art or any other object in the house.

For Munsterman, 600 square feet is more than enough room. He’s lived in a space less than half that size.

He planted small trees around the house with the goal of having a “jungled in” look one day.

He also plans to do some faux chinking with white paint to create an effect of white mortar between logs. It will be “pretty unique for Houston,” he said. “There aren’t a lot of log cabins here.”


Bonus pictures of Herman’s Park:

Back when it was a shoe repair shop
Curved front windows
Plants displayed in a grocery card in the front yard
Kevin’s bedroom.
Found objects become art in Kevin’s walls.


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